Audio Diversity


Music Production / Mixing:

Music is where I got my start professionally and I still enjoy the honor of being able to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. I received a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology from the Tonmeister program at SUNY Fredonia where I studied percussion as well. I have gone on to work with artists such as Norah Jones, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Paul Simon, Nile Rodgers, among others. From live recording on stage, to recording in the studio, I have helped a number of artists do their thing.

Location Sound:

I have been on location in over 30 countries including Cuba, Haiti, Poland, Lithuania, France, Argentina, England, Czech Republic, and yes The United States to name a few. Projects include documentary films, TV shows, location albums, music recording sessions, feature films, and commercials. I have been doing location sound for over fifteen years now and pride myself on continuing to find innovative, “use your surroundings” solutions. I have several complete location audio packages that travel with me for gigs. Gear includes: Sound Devices 788T field recorder, Sound Devices 664 recorder, 6 channels of lectrosonics wireless mics, Lectrosonics IFB’s (for translator) Sanken Cos 11 lav’s, Sennheiser MKE2 lav’s, Sennheiser 416 shot gun’s, 6 senneheiser wireless mic’s, Sound Devices mix pre, Zoom H6 backup recorder. Also 64 channel Yamaha CL5 and QL1 Pro Tools/Nuendo systems.

Audio Post:

Everybody wants their audio to sound the best it can. When I approach a new project I have a very high expectation of the final outcome and will use all the tools available to achieve quality results. I have worked on many ad campaigns for brands including intel, IBM, and Vogue; shorts and feature films, TV shows, and forensic audio. I have mixed content for theatrical release, IMAX, web distribution, and broadcast television. Formats include stereo, 5.1/7.1 surround sound, dolby atmos, and research level 128 channel discrete super surround sound.

Sound Design:

Sound Design for me is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. I have done sound design for many commercials, documentary films, feature films, theatrical productions, and toys. It is a creative process where lots of input from the producer and director is welcomed to create the right mood for a scene. I like to think of sound design as a key element in what makes a production pro. The better the sound design, the more “real life” and believable a scene will be. Bad sound design takes you out of the moment. Good sound design transports people into the scene and makes it believable. It is as important as what you are seeing visually.

Live Sound:

I have been in charge of running the sound for concerts, large corporate events, meetings, web streams, and parties when it counts. I have done gigs everywhere from inside a aircraft carrier hanger deck to 20 below onto of a mountain. IF you can get power there I can run sound there.


Greg Tobler’s objective is to engineer and install creative customized audio solutions that are ergonomically functional, technologically superior and of the highest possible fidelity. It is my responsibility to ensure the end user has a exceptional creative experience. Be it a recording studio, arena, country club, or music venue, I believe in having a clean aesthetic, creatively stimulating ergonomic layout, and exceptional sound quality. A large effort and value is placed on sitting down with clients to identify their design needs, how to integrate current work flow into a new system design, budget, and future expansion. Every client has their own specific design needs and work flow that need to be addressed. I work closely with my clients to educate them on the latest technologies the industry has to offer.